Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Yo Kejriwal So Honest’ hashtag goes viral, beat Alok Nath jokes on Twitter

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Is Arvind Kejriwal so honest that he will read through all the terms and conditions before clicking on the ‘Agree’ button? Did he refuse to play cricket because he is a common man, not a gentleman? Well, Twitter would have you believe so.

Ever since he pulled a giant killing act in the Delhi Assembly polls, Arvind Kejriwal has been constantly under the scanner. From being forced to leave the ‘janata darbar’ due to uncontrollable crowds to his stomach problems earlier, everything has been scrutinised, taken apart and evaluated.

It was only a matter of time before the Twitterati jumped on to the bandwagon. They are now making up for lost time, with the hashtag #YoKejriwalSoHonest giving Alok Nath jokes a run for their money.

Cheeky and irreverent as always, the Twitter folk have really taken to it. Sample this: #YoKejriwalSoHonest he got his wife’s cousins arrested for stealing his shoes on his wedding.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 10 others that tickled our ribs:

  1. #YoKejriwalSoHonest is that he doesn’t take extra sauce sachets with mcdee burgers
  2. that he says excuse me after sneezing even if nobody is there
  3. that when his wife once asked him if he could get moon for her, he called up ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-1
  4. he didnt see yet cuz he is pretty sure that ne apne haath ko nahi diye ..
  5. Best one on Kejri yet! “ That when he finds a bomb, he returns it to the terrorists”
  6. he Rolls On the Floor Laughing before sending ROFL in text/chat reply.
  7. that no woman has ever asked him “Do I look fat in this?”
  8. that once he filed a case against a Halwai because there were neither Gulabs nor Jaamuns in GulabJamun.
  9. that “Jhooth bole kauwa kaate” to be replaced with “Jhooth bole Kejriwal kaate”
  10. even sanskari Alok Nath can’t compete with him when it comes to honesty


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