This woman fell into a coma while pregnant. What happened two years later is unbelievable.

Son Gao Qianbo with mother Zhang Rongxiang

Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant when a devastating car crash left her in a coma. Just moments after doctors told her husband that she would never recover, they realized she was with child and that the baby had miraculously survived the trauma.

For the next five months Zhang Rongxiang’s husband cared for her at home until medics were able to perform a caesarean section to remove their baby from her womb.

The child, Gao Qianbo, has spent every day by his mother’s bedside. So it was an absolute miracle when Zhang Rongxiang awoke from her coma to the sound of her son’s voice.

While she is able to swallow, Zhang Rongxiang cannot chew her food. So she is given regular food that has already been chewed by her son, who then carefully passes the food to his mom.

Gao Qianbo’s love and devotion to his mother is both beautiful and inspiring.

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