Why demonize only Modi?

Narendra Modi1

There is no doubt that every party is despondent due to elevation of Narendra Damodardas Modi — from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. And the only one reason behind this is the “2002 Gujarat Riot”. Now I want to ask one question. Did only one riot take place in the country after 1947 where minorities were slaughtered?

First of all, I put some riot details before the people of India who are aimlessly fighting in the name of religions, resulting in only tears, destitution and dearness.

There have been approximately 60 major communal riots since 1961. Of the 20 riots mentioned above, 12 took place under the rule of Congress (ideological secular but I do not think so), 04 under president rule, 03 under other parties (so called secular) and one under BJP (described communal by so-called secular parties). But barring Modi, no chief ministers have ever been demonized for the communal riots that happened under their watch. As the data show, many parties and chief ministers must be in the dock if Modi is to be held accountable for the 2002 Gujarat riot. Be it riots or terror attacks, Congress too has lot to answer. Surely Modi must answer for 2002.

What happened in 1984? It was only Congress party members who led mobs in attacks on the Sikh community in retaliation for the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The 1984 riot does not fall into the category of communal riots between communities but it was, in fact, direct attack by cadres of a political party on one community. Now one can easily understand and calculate who is communal & who is secular.

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