What PM Narendra Modi said on Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti in Rajya Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked Rajya Sabha members to accept Union minister Niranjan Jyoti’s apology over using abusive language in a Delhi election rally, saying he had already expressed his disapproval towards the use of such words.

Here is the PM’s statement:

“The statement, over which the controversy has erupted, you all know that when I came to know about this statement, the same morning I had a party meeting, a meeting of MPs, and in that I very strictly disapproved of such language. And I also said that we should stay away from such things.

In the heat of elections too we should stay away from such things. This I put this in front of all our MPs before the issue was raised in House and due to that, the minister, who is new, has come to Parliament for the first time, we are also well aware of her background – she apologised.

I urge the House, I request it, when the minister has apologised and for all of us, it is like a message, that in the future, we too, all people, should not break any norms on do’s and don’ts and I will urge this House to resume its work for the welfare of the nation.”

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