Want My Wagon R Back, Says UK Based AAP Supporter to Arvind Kejriwal

Want My Wagon R Back, Says UK Based AAP Supporter to Arvind Kejriwal

A  UK based Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporter, who donated the ubiquitous blue wagon-R which was driven by Arvind Kejriwal, now wants it back. An old supporter of AAP, UK based software engineer Kundan Sharma, is reportedly upset with the rift within the party.

Mr Sharma, who took to Twitter, said that he wants not just the car, but refund of money that has been donated to the party by him and his wife Sharadha.

#IDemandMyDonationBackFromAAP: My blue WAGONR,my Bike&lacs of rupees that I donated2AAP http://t.co/XT2UYLkGlX @shashiranjanttv @ravishndtv
– Kundan Sharma (@kundan_scorpio) April 4, 2015

I will b happy if AAP can giv right2get refund of donation instead of right2recall balyan types MLA. Latter looks impossible. So do easy 1.
– Kundan Sharma (@kundan_scorpio) April 2, 2015

I was die hard fan of AK when I saw AAP from 10000ft & lost hope when I saw it from 10ft. All that glitter is not gold.
-Kundan Sharma (@kundan_scorpio) April 3, 2015

In an interview to a television channel, Mr Sharma – who has a house in Delhi – said that the car was registered in his wife’s name. He said, “We weren’t using the car much. I wanted to donate the car to AAP, but was initially hesitant. But after seeing the party’s stand during the nirbhaya incident, I couldn’t stop myself. I decided go ahead and donated it.”

Mr Sharma further told the television channel that he then e-mailed AAP leader Dilip Pandey to finalise the donation process. He told the channel that Mr Kejriwal personally spoke with him on January 1, 2013. A driver from AAP came and picked up the car on January 3, 2013, for which a written acknowledgement was given to him on party’s letter head.

The blue Wagon-R was synonymous with party chief Arvind Kejriwal during his first stint as the Delhi’s Chief Minister. At one stage was rarely seen apart from his WagonR, in which he once held a cabinet meeting when he was chief minister of Delhi in 2014.

During a protest last year in January, Mr Kejriwal had slept on the road right next to where his blue Wagon R was parked near the Railway Ministry.

These days the 46-year-old chief minister, who later ‘gifted’ the car to party’s Rohtak candidate, is seen riding in an Innova van.

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