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Urmila Matondkar: This lockdown is a wake up call, let this make us self aware and humane – bollywood

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Everyone is adapting new ways to deal with the Covid-19 situation. Actor Urmila Matondkar, too, is indulging in whatever keeps her in spirits high, however, she believes that the lockdown must lead to a larger learning for each and every person.

Matondkar, 46, along with her husband, Mir Mohsin Akhtar, is quarantining at their farm house near Mahabaleshwar. Apart from reading, the other things filling her heart are music, nature and yoga. “This is like a wake-up call to all of us. We’ve been exploiting nature every possible way. Now it’s time to slow down,” says the actor, who has a huge library, and her pets for company.


The actor has even been trying to help those in need. “The other day, a friend was worried about her old parents who are in another part of the city and urgently needed medicine. So, we took the help of police to ensure that medicine reaches them on time. These things worry me. The plight of daily wagers, farmers, migrant workers…,” she adds.

Matondkar further says that those who have been complaining about lockdown, must take a moment to salute the women who’ve been at home and running their families. “These women are the real heroes. Now you know what they’ve been doing silently,” she says.

Ask her about the rise in domestic violence cases against women and children, she expresses dismay and points how our country is dealing with so much at different levels.


“People need to speak up and the taboos attached should be erased. Victims deserve empathy. We shouldn’t pass judgements. Women should stand up for other women. If you see the problems that women face, they’re mostly from other women. In my career, I’ve always avoided all kinds of loose talks with colleagues and made sure I don’t hurt another woman’s efforts or sentiments,” she explains, adding, “It’s time to introspect where we’re going wrong. Let this lockdown make us self aware, make us humane”.

As someone who has always led a life on her terms, when it comes to career too, Matondkar, “never compromised on substantial work” even if it meant letting go of projects. So, while everyone has been looking forward to her big screen comeback, the actor reveals she was, in fact, in talks for her web debut.

“We were supposed to start shooting in March but then this (lockdown) happened. Let’s see what happens now. There were other offers too,” she says.

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