Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Tanishaa to be evicted? Ajay Devgn allegedly has requested Salman Khan to find a way

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Tanishaa Mukerji

It is obvious to anyone watching Bigg Boss that Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli have feelings for each other. On more than one occasion they have been shown cozying up to each other, when they thought they were not on camera. They even sleep next to each other (as seen on the live footage, not shown on TV).

It has been reported that her brother-in-law Ajay Devgn called host and dost Salman Khan and asked him to edit out controversial situations involving her because the family was embarrassed. Although the host can’t tell the channel what to show, in the following week’s episode Salman reminded Tanishaa about the number of cameras in the BB house.

However, his well-meaning advice seems to have been ignored by the lovers.

Things have gotten worse. There was a report of Tanishaa and Armaan getting flirty under the sheets. Although it was not televised, there is a crew of over 100 people on the reality show set and there are few secrets. According to a source, Ajay has called up Salman again and asked him to get Tanishaa evicted fromBB7. It maybe recalled that Tanishaa’s family were unhappy with her decision to go on a reality show and had tried their best to dissuade her.

When she still went ahead, Ajay is said to have asked Salman to take personal care of  Tanishaa and SK in turn had instructed the production and crew to ‘protect’ her as she comes from a respectable film family.

Says a source, “There’s pressure on the channel to evict Tanishaa from the show. Her proximity with Armaan is something that has shocked the entire family. Tanishaa is a firebrand and in the BB house, she comes across as a brainless blonde who is just doing Armaan’s bidding. A fact, that even Salman pointed out and questioned Tanishaa about. And she promised him that she will have a voice and not follow anyone blindly.

Last week’s reports have shocked Tanishaa’s sister Kajol and mom Tanuja and they pressed Ajay to make that call to Salman. Ajay called Salman and requested him to look into the matter and find a way of evicting Tanishaa. Her eviction is being planned in the next couple of weeks. It remains to be seen if the channel will agree as it’s all about TRP’s and Tanishaa and Armaan’s on-screen antics create a lot of buzz.”

Tanuja, Kajol, Ajay are maintaining a studied silence on the whole matter. A source close the family, however, says, “When someone asked Ajay whether he called Salman he denies doing so.

Ajay maintains that he has never made any calls for Tanishaa on anything and is even reluctant to discuss her with anyone.”

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