Katy Perry

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox's flight drama

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox’s private plane was forced to make an emergency landing after it lost a wheel during take-off on the way to Jennifer’s birthday celebrations in Cabo San Lucas. The former ‘Friends’ actresses were taking a private jet to Cabo San Lucas with a number of pals on Friday  for Jennifer’s 50th birthday celebrations when they were forced to turn back and land in Ontario, California. According

Katy Perry joins Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Twitter feud

It’s not every day that a Twitter feud breaks out between some of the biggest singers internationally, but just a day after Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift were sparring on Twitter after the MTV Video Music Awards nominations were announced, a third singer jumped in, taking sides. It was Katy Perry, and here’s what she had to say. Katy Perry tweeted, ‘Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against

Katy Perry and John Mayer in a casual relationship

Singer Katy Perry and John Mayer “only see each other whenever it’s convenient” and are reportedly keeping their relationship casual while she is on tour. The ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker and her on-again, off-again beau were spotted spending time together at Disneyland in California on Monday, but they haven’t officially rekindled their relationship again, reports people.com. “They have spent time together, but it doesn’t seem like they are back in a

Kylie Jenner wants to become a singer

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner reportedly wants to become a singer because she has “realised that she can’t compete with” her older sister Kendall when it comes to modelling. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, who is rumoured to be dating “After Earth” actor Jaden Smith, has started taking vocal lessons, reports radaronline.com. “Kylie has found her calling in life — to be a singer! Kylie is now working

Katy Perry posts nose piercing video on Instagram

Katy Perry has got her nose pierced and posted the video on Instagram. The 29-year-old American singer shared the video , which shows the entire process in detail, with her 6.7 million followers on the photosharing website, the Mirror reported. The ‘Roar’ singer also admitted that she had tried the procedure herself as a teenager using just a safety pin and a cube of ice.

Katy Perry refuses to talk about ex-John Mayer

Katy Perry has recently refused to talk about her former fiance John Mayer, as it always “comes to bite her in the ass”. During the interview for her new Rolling Stone cover, the 29-year-old singer revealed that she doesn’t want to be rude to the ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ singer anymore, ABC News reported. The ‘Roar’ singer broke up with the 36-year-old musician recently after dating since last summer.

Successful Katy Perry still feels self-conscious

Katy Perry admitted that despite being successful and popular, she still has self-confidence issues. The 29-year-old ‘Roar’ singer said that she was still a “young female” with body issues who felt conscious and doubtful of her make-up looks, the Daily Express reported. The beauty, who is on her Prism tour, added that she has had good and bad days, and though her life might look pleasant, she was like any

Katy Perry treats herself to 'posh' acupuncture-treated fish

Katy Perry has revealed that she enjoys the occasional plate of acupunctured fish. The ‘ Roar’ singer tweeted that she loves to gorge on the “fancy” delicacy, and had “the best sushi ” from Chef Antonio Park recently, the Mirror reported. She added that the fish was previously acupunctured, which apparently keeps the fish fresh.

Katy Perry bags RIAA honor for highest digital sales

Katy Perry has won the Recording Industry Association of America ‘s honor for highest-selling digital act. The ‘ Roar’ singer was given the award at Washington, D. C.’s Verizon Center for selling over 72 million digital singles, Contactmusic reported. According to Billboard. com, the former wife of Russell Brand is currently 20 million sales ahead of any other artist.

Arvind Kejriwal beats Narendra Modi in Time magazine’s poll

Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal is leading the Time magazine’s readers poll of 100 Most Influential People in the world with the highest percentage of ‘yes’ votes, pipping BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and American singer Katy Perry. With some three weeks left in India’s marathon election, Indian politicians are dominating the list. As of Tuesday morning, about 3,168,308 people had cast a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote for

Katy Perry chooses 'art' to cope with John Mayer breakup

Katy Perry, who recently split with beau John Mayer, seems to have taken up interest in art to mend her broken heart. The 29-year-old singer, who spent her weekend admiring artwork by Picasso, Lichtenstein and Koons, told E! News that she’s going to become an art collector and hoping to get an art history education, the New York Post reported. The ‘Hot and Cold’ singer said that she’s drawn to

Katy Perry upsets Muslims

Singer Katy Perry has upset Muslims by using “blasphemous” imagery in the music video of her new hit “Dark Horse”. In the promo, she is seen as an Egyptian queen who has the power to zap her subjects with lightning and turn them into sand, and she offends Muslims by killing a man wearing a pendant reading god (Allah) in Arabic. The jewellery item is also zapped. Members of the