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Eating veggies doesn't equal to avoiding junk food

Children who eat more carrots and apples are no less likely to eat candies,fries and Junk Food, warns a new study, suggesting that emphasizing on avoiding “bad” food is as important as adding “good” food in children’s diet. The researchers found that kids who ate fruits and vegetables and drank milk every day were as likely to eat foods high in sugar and salt as those who rarely ate healthy

Just one junk food snack may trigger metabolic disease

Overindulgence at the dinner table or at snack time may be enough to trigger signs of metabolic disease, a new study has warned. In the study, just one high-calorie shake was enough to make people with metabolic disease worse, while in others, relatively short periods of overeating triggered the beginnings of metabolic disease. “Acute effects of diet are mostly small, but may have large consequences in the long run,” said