Health Tips

Tomatoes have the power to ward off skin cancer risk

Tomatoes are a global staple and can be found in every kitchen across the world. In solid or liquid form, tomatoes are quite versatile when it comes to the culinary arts. Even in the health department, tomatoes have a wealth of benefits to offer, for instance, they prevent heart diseases, purify blood and remove toxins, lower bad cholesterol levels, improve eyesight, et al. A study has further cemented these benefits

What happens when you drink lemon water everyday?

Humans have been experimenting with tonics since the beginning of time. From the fountain of youth to alkaline water to kale juice, we’re always searching for that magic potion that will restore health and wellness, ward off illness, and make us look and feel 10 years younger. But what if that potion isn’t so mysterious? What if it’s just… lemon water?Lemon water has been touted as a health and wellness

Know why eating salmon fish is good for health!

We all know that salmon fish is a scrumptious seafood and one of the popular fish in the world. It is also one of the best selling fish. Besides good in taste, salmon has many benefits which is good for our health. Here are some health benefits of slamon fish which we all should know: Good for bone: Salmon contains proteins like calcitonin which helps in improving bone density. Thats

Why whole eggs are healthier than egg whites!

You must have heard people say eating whole eggs is bad for you and that egg whites are a healthier option. While egg whites does have lower fat and cholesterol content, whole eggs contain numerous nutrients that are key to good health. Bottom line is that whole eggs are healthier than egg whites as majority of the nutrition lies in the yolks. Even for those people who are on diet,

Brazilian researchers say modified butter can treat Alzheimer's

Patients suffering from the first stages of Alzheimer’s can benefit from the consumption of butter, enriched with a special fatty acid extracted from milk, Brazilian researchers found. Tests showed a diet rich in the modified butter increases the activity of an enzyme linked to memory and reduces damage caused by the disease to this function, said the University of Sao Paulo (USP) on its website. The results of the project,

7 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy And Make You Active

Feeling low on energy? You might be lacking the essential minerals and vitamins. Here is a selection of top 9 foods for boosting your energy and being more active to get through your busy day. Oatmeal Oatmeal is one of the primary energy boosting foods. Without butter and brown sugar, oatmeal is a good complex carbohydrate. It helps control your blood glucose levels and also keep your tummy fuller for