Google India depicts "India first PM " as PM Narendra Modi, not Jawaharlal Nehru

When you type in the words ‘India first PM’ into Google India’s search bar you will find unusual results. Google is the go-to answer for any question or query and has almost entirely replaced the earlier concept of checking facts in encyclopedias, however, it might not be a good idea to blindly believe Google, after all, machines also make mistakes? A screenshot of a person’s Google search for ‘India’s first PM’

Why the iPhone has a mysterious little hole next to its camera?

The iPhone has a hole next to its rear camera lens. It’s easy to miss because it’s so small, and you might never have noticed it before, let alone wondered what it’s for. However, the hole actually serves a very important purpose. It is, in fact, a microphone, one of three on the device. Another is hidden under the speaker grill on the front, and another sits on the phone’s bottom edge. The

Google kills Picasa, says use Google Photos

Ever since the launch of Google Photos last year, the fate of its predecessor Picasa was uncertain. It’s not uncertain anymore. The Google Photos head Anil Sabharwal announced on Friday that the company would kill support for Picasa from March this year. “We believe we can create a much better experience by focusing on one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our

Microsoft's HoloLens has edge over Google Glass: Study

A comparative study of Google and Microsoft smart glasses by Britain-based market research firm Juniper Research has found that the Microsoft’s HoloLens will be better poised at dominating the market by 2020, a media report said. In a recently published report, Juniper Research said that more than 12 million smart glasses, like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens, will reach consumers by 2020. However, Microsoft has the upper hand because the

Sundar Pichai gets $199 million in stock grant, biggest ever given to a Google executive

Google Inc.’s chief executive officer, Sundar Pichai has been awarded a record $199 million stock grant from Alphabet, the parent company that now owns the global search engine giant as part of a recent corporate reshuffling. Google’s newly crowned CEO, India-born Sundar Pichai has received 273,328 Class C shares on February – reports Bloomberg —  that will grant him quarterly increments through 2019 should he remain on the job. The

PM Narendra Modi 9th most powerful person in the world: Forbes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been ranked as the world’s ninth most powerful person by Forbes magazine in a 2015 list which is topped by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Modi was placed 14th in the 2014 Forbes list of world’s powerful people. Forbes while releasing the list today at the same time said governing 1.2 billion people in India requires more than “shaking hands” and that Modi must pass his party BJP’s reform agenda and keep “fractious opposition”

Mamata Banerjee claims credit for Wi-Fi at railway stations initiative

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday claimed credit for the initiative to provide Wi-Fi facilities at railway stations as she hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign. “I had taken the initiative for this as Railway Minister in 2001. After that it did not progress. It is good that this initiative is being taken now,” she told reporters. She was reacting to Modi’s announcement that Indian Railways

Indian-born Sundar Pichai is new Google CEO

One of tech’s biggest names, Google, is reorganizing under a new moniker – “Alphabet” – in a move underscoring its founders’ ambitions to pursue ventures far beyond the company’s Internet search core, from self-driving cars to cutting-edge medical research. It will still use the Google name for its popular Internet search engine, mapping service and related products. But CEO and co-founder Larry Page said on Monday the creation of the

Deport Sunny Leone, demands Hindu group

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on Friday demanded the deportation of former porn star Sunny Leone and barring her future entry into India for displaying what it terms vulgarity on her website and insulting the dignity of women. The HJS lodged a first information report (FIR) with Sunil Shivarkar, head of Ramnagar police station in Dombivali in Thane, said HJS spokesman Uday Dhuri. “The FIR was registered by our local

The Truth About Zero Calorie Drinks and Foods

Body weight comes from calories, so when you eat or drink something with zero calories, you gain zero weight. Right? Wrong. Shockingly wrong. In fact, with the exception of water, any zero-calorie food or beverage you consume can lead not to weight loss, but to weight gain. How can this be? Our bodies are complicated and finely tuned instruments, and explaining how they work is no simpler than explaining Google’s

Microsoft to set up data centre in India

Microsoft on Tuesday said it will offer commercial cloud services from local data centres in India by 2015 as the tech giant gears for competition for the estimated USD 2 trillion domestic market opportunity from rival firms like Google and IBM. The US-headquartered firm said it will set up 3 data centres in three cities in India by the end of 2015. “Last year, our cloud business in India grew

Sony's SmartEyeglass to be available for purchase by March

While it released the software development kit for its SmartEyeglass on Friday, Sony has reportedly promised to make its gear available for purchase by the end of March. The SmartEyeglass, which Sony first showed off at CES 2014, is being touted as a rival to Google Glass. While it aims to be as versatile as Google’s gear, it is expected to outdo Glass in some respects, reported The Verge. Sony’s