Tomatoes have the power to ward off skin cancer risk

Tomatoes are a global staple and can be found in every kitchen across the world. In solid or liquid form, tomatoes are quite versatile when it comes to the culinary arts. Even in the health department, tomatoes have a wealth of benefits to offer, for instance, they prevent heart diseases, purify blood and remove toxins, lower bad cholesterol levels, improve eyesight, et al. A study has further cemented these benefits

Why whole eggs are healthier than egg whites!

You must have heard people say eating whole eggs is bad for you and that egg whites are a healthier option. While egg whites does have lower fat and cholesterol content, whole eggs contain numerous nutrients that are key to good health. Bottom line is that whole eggs are healthier than egg whites as majority of the nutrition lies in the yolks. Even for those people who are on diet,

Vitamin A boosts immune system to combat tuberculosis

Researchers investigating the role of nutrients in helping the immune system fight against major infections have found that vitamin A may play an important role combating drug-resistant tuberculosisĀ (TB). A team of researchers at University of California, Los Angeles described for the first time the mechanism by which vitamin A and a specific gene assist the immune system by reducing the level of cholesterol in cells infected with TB. This is