Special package is Bihar’s right, not a favour: Nitish Kumar

Special package is Bihar's right, not a favour: Nitish Kumar

Shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday afternoon announced a special package worth Rs 1.25 lakh crores for Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stressed that the financial assistance was the state’s right.

“While I will wait to hear the details of the so-called package announced by Modi ji, I emphasize that special assistance is our right and not a favour,” Nitish tweeted.

Responding to PM Modi’s barbs, Nitish said that he was ready to plead at anyone’s doors repeatedly for the welfare of the state and its people.

Modi had said in Ara today that while claiming Bihar was not a ‘BIMARU’ state, Nitish had been knocking on the Centre’s doors seeking special package.

While I will wait to hear details of the so called package announced by Modiji, I emphasize, special assistance is OUR RIGHT & not a favor

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