Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Special One

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One Day God was sitting and he had 2 seats to his left and right which he said he will give to the most Promising Indian Cricketer –
Sachin Came and said – God
I have 100 100′s I’m the highest scorer in both formats..
God Said – okay sit on my Right..
Dhoni Came and Said – God I’m one of the best finishers I captained India to the World Cup Win..God Said – okay sit to my Left..

Yuvraj Came and Said – God I am an aggressive Batsmen and a good bowler. I won man of the Series in World Cup. I have battled Cancer also…

God Said – Great Son sit to my right..
Sehwag came and said – I am the most Aggressive opener and I have 2 Test Triple Hundreds and the highest score in ODI to my name..
God said – Wow.. Sit on the chair on the left..
Then Came Jadeja- God – Say what you want son but all seats are full.. So I can’t
help you…
Jadeja – I just came to say that You are sitting on my seat..

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