Sonia Gandhi criticises BJP for favouring capitalists over masses

Sonia Gandhi

Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for favouring capitalists over the masses.

Speaking at an election rally here on Saturday she said the BJP wants to privatise the coal mines because the party wants to benefit certain chosen capitalists.

“They want to privatise the coal mines which were nationalised by the Congress party, which will benefit some of their preferred capitalists and as a result of this you will face huge losses,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi also said the BJP made tall promises but never fulfilled any of them.

“By making tall promises they are misleading the people and they want to rob you by showing false dreams. Therefore, I have come to warn you that they do the exact opposite of what they say,” she added.

Gandhi took BJP head on and said despite six months in power the party has not delivered on its promises of bringing black money back, reducing inflation, creating jobs for the youth and creating a better society for women.

She went on to slam Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s financial inclusion scheme Jan Dhan Yojana or Scheme for People’s Wealth, and said though as many as 60 million accounts have been opened under the scheme, 50 million of these accounts do not even have a single rupee deposited in them.

Speaking at the rally, Gandhi also expressed confidence that the people of Jamshedpur will support Congress whole-heartedly.

“Today I have come to you people with a resolve to develop your city. I hope that you will not let me go back empty handed,” said Gandhi.

The five-phased assembly polls in Jharkhand began from November 25. Campaigning for the second phase is on. The voting for the second phase is slated for December 02. The results will be announced on December 23.

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