Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Some Facts about Sir Jadeja

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  • Shastri to Spectator at Chennai: “Excited to watch the match?” | Spectator: “Match? What match? I came to get a darshan of Sir Jadeja”
  • Sir Ravindra Jadeja has now officially been declared the 8th wonder of the world
  • You know why Sir Ravindra Jadeja did not hit a triple century against Australia. It was because Justice Katju had written to him to pardon Australia.
  • Rajinikanth to play Sir Ravindra Jadeja in his next movie. Rajni Sir has no words to thank Lord Jadeja for this.
  • Wen sir jadeja drives his jeep, his jeep remains still and road moves and wen he goes in to bat the pavillion moves to the wkt.
  • Rohit Sharma : I scored and made my team win !SIR RAVINDRA JADEJA : HAHA HA , I got out and made the team win..
  • When Ravindra JADEJA was choosen to play TEST CRICKET…this  news forced the GOD to retire from ONE-DAY and focus on TEST CRICKET..
  • The Magician Jadeja pulled the bowling crease for RP Singh’s last bowl which became a no-ball and to hide his magic he gave a simple catch behind. Thank you Magician Jadeja!

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