Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Smriti Irani hits back at Rahul Gandhi

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Union Human Resouces Development minister Smriti Irani launched a full-frontal attack against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday and accused him of sending National Students Union of India (NSUI) members to protest at her reisdence against the ban on student group at IIT Madras.

After Rahul took to Twitter to attack the HRD Ministry’s move, Smriti hit back accusing him of conspiring against her, and tweeted: “@OfficeofRG next time fight ur battles ur self don’t hide behind NSUI. N by d way I’m b returning to Amethi soon. See you there.”

Smriti also invited Rahul for a debate and said: “@OfficeofRG give me a time n place n I’m ready to debate everything re governance including education.”

She connected the protest at her residence to Rahul’s address to NSUI members on Thursday and hit back saying: “@OfficeofRG yesterday u told NSUI to create disorder where there is order. Today ur goons come to my house as I’m away at work.”

She added: “@OfficeofRG tell ur men strong arm tactics were tried in Amethi n didn’t scare me during Lok Sabha elections. They won’t scare me now.”

Earlier in the day, NSUI members had staged a protest outside Irani’s residence before being detained by the security forces.

IIT Madras had earlier de-recognised Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle over an anonymous complaint to the central government that it was trying to spread hatred towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s policies by distributing provocative pamphlets and posters in the campus, igniting a massive controversy.

The acting director of the institute, Professor K Ramamurthy, said the group had not been working according to the guidelines issued by the represented body.

Ramamurthy also added that the Dean of the institute has asked the students` group to present their stand.

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