Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Singer Sonu Nigam Releases A Sarcastic Video After Pulwama attack

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Singer Sonu Nigam is the recent Bollywood celebrity to comment on the Pulwama attack and those who perpetrated the act of terrorism. He posted a sarcastic video on his Facebook page, going on a rant against the ‘secularists’ in the country.

In a one-and-a-half-minute video titled ‘Being Secular’, Sonu started out by asking the citizens of the country why they were mourning the CRPF soldiers who were killed in the attack.

He says in the video, “I’ve heard that there were around 44 CRPF soldiers who were killed in the attack. Be it 44 or 440, why are we mourning their loss? What is there to be sad about?”

“You guys should do what is appropriate by the accepted standards of this country. Do what the ‘secularists’ of the country are doing. Leave the act of mourning, over these events, on the RSS and BJP. Leave it to the nationalist organisations. You do what seculars do in the country,” he says.

He then goes on to tease viewers with anti-India slogans that were voiced at various protests rallies. He adds, “If we are to stay in India, we ought to have such ‘secular’ inclinations.”

“It’s wrong to say Vande Mataram and other such things here. The CRPF people (referring to the slain soldiers) are no big deal. There’s no need to be sad about this incident,” he added before signing off.

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