Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Simple File To File Scenario in SAP PI 7.31

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In this example, I am going to demonstrate a simple File To File scenario steps, which will contain steps for how to send one XML file from one location to another location.

Assumptions –

I assume, Product and Software Component are already defined in SLD and also imported into PI – ESR.

Step 1 – ESR Developments.

Create Source and Target Data types.

Source Data Type

Target Data type


Step 2 –

Create Source and Target Message type.

Source Message Type


Target Message Type


Step 3 –

Create Outbound and Inbound Service Interface.

Outbound Service Interface


Inbound Service Interface


Step 4 –

Message Mapping

Create one to one source to target mapping like below screenshot.


Step 5 –

Create Operations Mapping.


Step 6 –  ID Development.

Create sender and Receiver Communication Channel, which will pick the file from desired location and place modified file to destination folder.

Sender File Communication Channel


Receiver File Communication Channel


Step 7 – Create ICO to complete the configuration.


Now we are done with configuration of our FILE to FILE scenario. We will test it now.

Place your source file into Source Directory.


Source payload – We can get source payload from Test tab of Message Mapping or operations mapping.


Target Directory Change.


Now we are done with File To File Scenario.

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