Should Arvind Kejriwal get himself slapped more often?

Should Arvind Kejriwal get himself slapped more often?
Possibly, yes, if a Times of India report is anything to go by.
The latest attack (a slap on the neck by an autorickshaw driver in North-West Delhi) on the AAP leader led to Rs 85 lakh making its way to the party coffers, Rs 56 lakh more than the Rs 29 lakh collected the previous day.
The previous time before this that Kejriwal had been slapped (punched and slapped, in fact, at Dakshinpuri in south Delhi on April 4) online donations shot up to Rs 1.35 crore from the modest Rs 35.13 lakh collected the day before.
Ink and eggs directed at Kejriwal in Varanasi on March 25 saw donations going up to Rs 48 lakh from Rs 19 lakh, the paper reported.
The only exception to this law of increasing returns was an attack on the former Delhi CM in Narendra Modi’s bastion of Ahmedabad, which led to donations dropping.
Wonder if there is a message in all this for AK and AAP?

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