Shobhaa De under attack for ‘Mumbai statehood’ tweet


MNS, Shiv Sena, Congress blast author Shobhaa De for suggesting that Mumbai be made a city-state. While MNS chief Raj Thackeray says it is not as easy as getting a divorce, Congress MP Nitesh Rane threatens the author.

Author-columnist Shobhaa De is no stranger to controversy and on Wednesday she set off a political storm with her ‘satirical’ tweet calling for Mumbai to be accorded statehood.

The writer, who seemed to be responding to several political outfits demanding separate states following Telangana being granted statehood, tweeted, “Maharashtra and Mumbai??? Why not? Mumbai has always fancied itself as an independent entity, anyway. This game has countless possibilities.”

Later, De clarified that it was a satirical tweet in the context of the newly-proposed Telangana state, which was not to be taken literally since she was neither recommending nor endorsing it.

De explained it was a comment on how lot of political parties would take advantage of narrow interests with elections just round the corner.

But her comments didn’t have any effect on political parties with both Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) launching tirades against her.

The Shiv Sena reacted by alleging that De was talking as if she was drunk after a Page 3 party.

Party spokesman Sanjay Raut said the state government should register an offence against this ‘bai’ (woman) for her remark.

“After Telangana, many people in Maharashtra are overjoyed and are clamouring for a separate Vidarbha or a separate Mumbai. If they cannot respect Maharashtra, we shall teach them how to do so,” Raut declared.

Raj Thackeray went a step further and launched a personal attack at De, saying separating Mumbai from Maharashtra would not be as easy as getting a divorce and she would understand that.

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