Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Why Is Security Necessary in SAP PI?

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SAP NetWeaver PI facilitates the integration of business processes that span different departments, organizations, or companies. Communication between the involved communication partners is accomplished by the exchange of XML messages. The messages contain the business data exchanged between the systems involved in an integration scenario.

As the central infrastructure for exchanging business documents, PI has to make sure that the involved processes can be executed in a secure manner. Particular security requirements have to be considered if business partners communicate over the Internet.

XML messages may contain confidential business data. To protect them against eavesdropping and unauthorized access, the communication lines as well as the storage locations of XML messages need to be made secure.

In addition to the business data exchanged using PI, the various components of PI need to communicate with each other on a technical level to keep the infrastructure running. Security requirements apply to these technical communications as well, because confidential information such as user names and passwords may have to be sent or stored, or both.

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