Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Salman Khan ‘s Kick: First Look & Trailer!

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The highly-anticipated trailer of Salman Khan’s Kick is out! And yes, it lives up to the hype & the hoopla.

Sallu joins the list of Bollywood’s masked crusaders with Kick. His name is ‘Devil’. His mask is a no-fuss wrap around the eyes with two holes. But he doesn’t always resort to his superhero gear as he believes in experimenting with his looks – French beard and sans French beard. He’s adept at motorcycle stunts and bicycles, too. He’s a crusader for the ‘Kick’ of it as he repeatedly emphasizes his life’s motto.

As for Jacqueline Fernandez, she’s stunning! We catch only a small glimpse of her hot dance moves, but that’s enough to keep you on tenterhooks, awaiting the release of that song.

Both Jacqueline and Salman look like they have a winner on their hands!

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