Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Roadies Real Heroes: Gang leader Neha Dhupia is back in the game to seek revenge

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Last weekend, gang leader Neha Dhupia and her gang members Sohil and Milind got wiped out from the game.

However, Neha Dhupia is back with a bang. The gang leader will be playing the role of the host and bring a twist to the game and she is in mood to seek revenge.

In a very calculated move, the knockout challenge saw gang leaders Nikhil Chinapa, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia and Raftaar voteout gang Sandeep. Neha and Raftaar wanted to vote out Sandeep as he made an alliance with Nikhil and Prince. Basically, Prince was playing his game through Sandeep.

Interestingly, Rannvijay gives gang Sandeep to make a comeback by asking them to challenge one gang. Tara, who was in Sandeep’s team, gets a hint from Prince to challenge team Neha. For the uninitiated, Tara happens to be Prince’s favourite.

Now, Sandeep challenged Neha and won the task. This led to the eviction of Neha and her gang.

But Rannvijay announced that Neha will be a part of the game and advice him. In the preview episode, Neha’s only target is to seek revenge on those who didn’t let her win. She has vengeance on her mind and gang Prince and Sandeep are on her target.

The final vote out this week is going to see an interesting twist with Neha on the other side.

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