Results will have no impact on Delhi, says Congress

no impact on Delhi, says Congress

With the BJP looking to add Delhi to its tally of states, the Congress leaders Sunday reiterated their demand for fresh elections in the national capital.

Pegging BJP’s victories in Maharashtra and Haryana to the anti-incumbency factor, Congress Legislative Party leader Haroon Yusuf said, “The BJP is playing it up. There was anti-incumbency in both states and that’s what cost the Congress.” Yusuf added that the results will have no repercussions on Delhi.The Congress line is this: the people of Delhi are “suffering” due to the lack of an elected government and if the BJP is confident of a “Modi wave” it should dissolve the assembly and hold fresh elections.

According to AICC general secretary in charge of Delhi, Shakeel Ahmed, “The people’s verdict through a free and fair election process is acceptable to all. There is no doubt about that.”

However, some of the Congress leaders in Delhi admitted that the BJP is “on the rise”.

And interestingly, they believe that the results in Maharashtra and Haryana could make MLAs from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), who were previously willing to contest elections, think again. “The Congress only has eight MLAs and as a result the chance of them breaking the party is lesser. But with AAP, people might not want to contest elections and possibly lose against BJP, which is obviously on the rise,” he said.

But according to Pradesh Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma, the Congress has worked hard since the defeat in the last Delhi elections and is confident of a victory this time.

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