Rahul Gandhi’s black band protest outside Parliament

Rahul Gandhi's black band protest

With a black band around his mouth, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday joined other opposition leaders in a protest at Parliament against the abusive comments made by Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, an issue that has rocked Parliament all this week.

“The democratic process is being subverted. The basis on which this government is functioning, we are not being allowed to speak,” Rahul said, adding, “We will fight it to every inch.”

Shortly afterwards, Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeated the remarks he had made in Rajya Sabha on Thursday before the leaders of the lower house, saying that the Lok Sabha MPs should show generosity after the minister has apologised.

“The Minister has apologised. We should be forgiving. I am grateful to members that they have let the House run. I agree that we should observe decorum. I think we should move on now,” Modi said even as the opposition leaders rejected the statement and walked out, paralysing the proceedings in Parliament for yet another day.

On Thursday, Modi told Rajya Sabha that he has “criticized in the strongest terms” the language used by minister. His statement did not placate the opposition, which stuck to its demand for the minister’s removal andparalysing Parliament for yet another day.

“People of Delhi have to decide if they want a government of Ramzaadon (followers of Ram) or a government of those who are Haraamzadon (illegitimate),” the Union Minister of State in the Food Processing Ministry had said on Sunday, raising a huge storm.

On Tuesday, she apologised in Parliament after Modi reportedly told his MPs to not “speak out of turn”. The opposition has been demanding that Jyoti must face criminal charges for trying to incite communal hatred. “I have apologised. What else can I do?” Jyoti said on Tuesday.

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