Rahul Gandhi stopped Sonia Gandhi from becoming PM

Natwar Singh

Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh on Wednesday revealed the reason why Congress president Sonia Gandhi did not become Prime Minister of India in 2004.

Natwar Singh, in an interview to English TV news channel Headlines Today, said Rahul Gandhi feared she would be assassinated like his father Rajiv Gandhi and forced her not to take up the post.

Natwar cited Suman Dubey and Manmohan Singh and Priyanka Gandhi as witnesses to this meeting.

He added that Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had come to meet him at his residence on May 7 and had urged him to keep this story out of his book One Life is Not Enough that would be launched next month.

Describing the meeting, he claimed Sonia embraced him & apologized for the way he had been treated and said he was her closest friend to whom she had confided things she has never told her two children.

Natwar also said former President Shankar Dayal Sharma was Sonia’s Gandhi’s first choice to become PM when the Congress came to power in 1991. Narasimha Rao was the second choice after Sharma refused due to poor health.

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