Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi not fit for PM’s post: Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

Social liberal Anna Hazare on Friday said that both Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi are “unacceptable” as Prime Minister as both are “not fit” to buy the dignified post.

“Both Modi and Rahul Gandhi are unacceptable to me for prime ministership as both are not fit to take over the dignified and respected post,” Hazare said responding to a question by reporters on different forces depicting the two as the Prime Minister’s candidate.

Hazare, who was here to participate in his ‘Jantantra Yatra’, said that in the past ten years of his being the chief minister of Gujarat, Modi made hurdles in setting up Lokayukta which only goes on to stress his views that appointment of anti-graft ombudsman was not required to result in an end to corruption.

Hazare said that Rahul Gandhi was also not the right candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

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