Rahul Gandhi era begins in Congress, impact clear in party reshuffle

rahul gandhi

The era of Rahul Gandhi, 43, has begun in the 127-year-old Congress with his stamp clear on the recent party reshuffle that saw the induction of 30 younger leaders as All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretaries who are set to play a more active role in the organisation, party sources said.

“Rahul Gandhi’s era has begun in the Congress. His impact is clearly visible in the recent AICC reshuffle,” said a senior Congress leader who did not wish to be named..

An indication of this, he told IANS, is the fact that around 30 out of the 44 AICC secretaries are new faces, are relatively younger and have been Youth Congress leaders.

In Gandhi’s scheme of things, the secretaries are set to play a more active role on the ground under the watchful guidance of the respective general secretaries who have been given charge of various states, said party sources.

“The secretaries will play a more active role on the ground. They will be on the move, interact with state leaders down to the block level and bring crucial feedback to the central leadership. The general secretaries will guide them,” said one general secretary, who too did not wish to be identified.

“The secretaries would educate the local leaders about the party’s programmes and policies being implemented by the central government,” he added.

The party reconstituted the all-powerful Congress Working Committee and reshuffled the AICC last Sunday, a day before eight senior leaders were inducted into the Manmohan Singh cabinet with an eye on putting together a team ahead of the assembly polls in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram due by the year-end and the 2014 general elections.

“Rahul Gandhi’s stamp is clearly visible in the party reshuffle but its impact in terms of electoral gains remains to be seen,” Zoya Hasan, who teaches political science at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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  1. Glad Day ?

    Yesterday , I wrote about “ Sad Day / Bad Day / Mad Day “ , not knowing that by evening , it will turn into a “ Glad Day “ !
    “ Glad Day “ for 2 reasons :

     Late in the afternoon , in a press-meet , Rahul Gandhi said,

    “ My opinion on the ordinance is that it is completely nonsense and it should be torn up and thrown out. I personally feel , that what our Government has done as far as this ordinance is concerned, is wrong “

     Supreme Court said,

    “ The voter has the right to negative voting by rejecting all the candidates in the fray by exercising the option of ‘ none of the above ‘ in the EVMs and ballot papers “

    Now only if the politicians ( whether clean or tainted )

     dare to meet the people of their constituencies

     care to ask them what are their further “ Expectations “

    voters will tell them , ( Citizen’s Charter of Demand ? ),

     Scrap the ordinance / bill pending in the Standing Committee. Based on Supreme Court verdict , prevent convicted MPs / MLAs from attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

     Scrap amendment to RTI Act , which keeps the political parties outside its purview

     Accept all donations / contributions to a political party by cheque only ( irrespective of the amount ) and display these on your web sites , along with quarterly statement of all expenditures

     Display on your web site complete declaration ( financial as well as criminal ) of each candidate / elected MP / MLA , filed with Election Commission – and every year , if elected

     Pass the Jan-LokPal bill ( Anna Hazare version ) before the 2014 elections

    By owning-up the “ mistake “ committed by UPA Government ( as far as the Ordinance is concerned ) , not only Rahul Gandhi showed unprecedented moral courage ( could be political hara-kiri ? ) , he has silenced / disarmed his critics and won over millions of young admirers

    If only he continues to display similar “ Courage “ in respect of what I have listed above , I have no doubt , on its own , Congress will win 300+ seats in the 2014 National Elections

    Remember , your “ Pre-Poll Actions “ on the ground will send a powerful “ Message of Hope “ to the disillusioned / frustrated youth of India

    Neither Narendra Modi , nor Arvind Kejriwal will be able to match such a challenge !

    • hemen parekh ( 28 Sept 2013 )


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