Rahul Gandhi an ‘irresponsible’ leader, needs only publicity: Manohar Parrikar

Rahul Gandhi an 'irresponsible' leader, needs only publicity: Manohar Parrikar

A day after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attacked the Narendra Modi government in Lok Sabha over the reported scrapping of a mega food park project in Amethi, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said that no company has come forward for the food park.

Speaking exclusively at Zee News Conclave, Parrikar called Rahul Gandhi an ‘irresponsible’ leader who only needs publicity.

“There is a difference in PR image and public image. Rahul Gandhi wants to do anything to get publicity. No company has come forward for food park in Amethi. If he can bring a company, we will support it,” said Parrikar.

Launching further attacks on Congress, Parrikar said, “Congress has spent 218 crores in the name of Ordnance factory at Korwa, but nothing has been produced in it till date.”

Backing Parrikar’s remarks, another BJP leader Sambit Patra said that Rahul Gandhi comes unprepared during debates.

“He comes without doing homework. Food park was closed due to UPA government’s decision. Had there been Land Bill, the park would have been built,” he said.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi told that the BJP is busy doing marketing and not any work.

“Defence Minister should not raise questions on Rahul. He is making personal attacks. BJP is busy doing marketing and not work,” he said.

Raising the issue in the Zero Hour, Gandhi had said he had “liked” Modi’s promise in Amethi during the poll campaign that he did not believe in the politics of revenge and was there to practice politics of change.

“Politicians offer promises to people and the one made by the Prime Minister is the biggest… What he is doing is politics of revenge,” he said, adding that the Centre had scrapped the project in his family pocket-borough which would have benefited farmers in 10 districts. Congress members protested with cries of ‘shame, shame’.

BJP members often interrupted Rahul as he highlighted how he worked to have the food park project allotted to Amethi after farmers’ raised the issue with him.

At one point, Gandhi retorted to the continuous disruptions by the ruling party members, “I am not talking about suit but potato. You should not be scared.” He was referring to his ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’ jibe at the Modi government at an earlier occasion in the House.

Talking of the farmers’ concern, he said, “They asked me what is this magic that they sell potato for Rs 2 per KG but a packet of chips having not more than one potato’s content sells for Rs 10. They said if they could sell potatoes directly to factories, then they would benefit more. The project happened slowly,” the Congress leader had said.

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