Priyanka Gandhi to be Congress party’s General Secretary?

Priyanka Gandhi to be Congress party's General Secretary?

The topic is hot in the Congress party that Priyanka Gandhi might be chosen as the party’s General Secretary. Actually, Rahul Gandhi had been trying to make Priyanka Gandhi an integral part of the party since three months approximately.

Being the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi wants to give an important role for Priyanka Gandhi to play in the party. According to sources, Rahul gandhi’s efforts are now being considered by the party seniors as well.

On the other hand, the question that where is Rahul Gandhi will be answered soon. It has been hitting the headlines that Rahul is either out of India or somewhere in Uttrakhand. But as per sources, Rahul is set to return to Delhi by Sunday. It has been told that he might return before completing his leave.

It also been told that Rahul’s absence is creating a bad name for the party which is why he is returning before the schedule day.

Sources have revealed that from April 1, Rahul Gandhi might make huge changes in the party. Some new faces might be added and a few might be removed too.

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