Private coaching classes are like ‘education terrorism’: Paresh Rawal

Private coaching classes are like ‘education terrorism’: Paresh Rawal

BJP Lok Sabha member and film actor Paresh Rawal today likened private coaching institutes with “education terrorism” and sought their regulation, wondering whether even “Rajnikanth, let alone god,” would know whether the situation can be improved.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, he highlighted it in his humorous manner, saying everything like the private coaching sector now has become organised and claimed that these institutes had a “nexus” with government teachers and they could also influence competitive exams.

While people do not want to send their children to government schools, they send them to coaching classes where the same government teachers are employed, he said.

“Our culture has become ‘second opinion’ culture where parents fret what others will think if they do not send their wards to coaching classes,” Rawal said.

Terming the flourishing of coaching institutes as “educational terrorism”, he said “like terrorists, government does not have details of coaching institutes”, alleging that these also operated without any checks or even a licence.

He wondered whether the government employees would decide to send their children to government schools and whether their standards will improve, he said. “This is something which even Rajnikanth, let alone god, would know,” he wondered, amid peals of laughter.

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