Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

Does Pratyusha Banerjee back-bitch in Bigg Boss house?

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Pratyusha Banerjee

Balika Vadhu fame Pratyusha Banerjee, better known as Anandi, had appeared in a very docile way before the camera. She had become household name with her encouraging on screen stints and was appreciated to the core by fans and critics.

But, it seems the table has been flipped in Bigg Boss house where the actress is seen quite opposite to her earlier appearance. Recently in the reality show, Bigg Boss called Arman and Gauhar Khan in the confession room and asked Arman to nominate two Jannat waasis who have least contributed to the task and Gauhar to nominate two contestants who have contributed to most from the hell side.

The controversy begun since the nomination process was done. While Andy shouted on Arman, as he nominated his name along with Sangram’s, other side Kamya Punjabi is upset with Gauahar as she feels that Gauahar took the decision of nominating names on her own and did not consider their suggestions.

Even though Gauahar tries to explain her that she did ask them about their decision but she did not get a proper response. Kamya replied saying that Gauahar mislead them when she said that she is going to be the ultimate decision maker. After Gauahar leaves, Pratyusha comments saying that she took this decision because she wants to be with Kushal Tondon and doesn’t want to let go of him.

The two, Gauhar and Kushal are seen romancing with each other on the show. And every inmate is talking about their closeness behind them.

Let’s see how many new twists are waiting to happen in the Bigg Boss house in coming days!

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