Some Facts about Sir Jadeja

Shastri to Spectator at Chennai: “Excited to watch the match?” | Spectator: “Match? What match? I came to get a darshan of Sir Jadeja” Sir Ravindra Jadeja has now officially been declared the 8th wonder of the world You know why Sir Ravindra Jadeja did not hit a triple century

Special One

One Day God was sitting and he had 2 seats to his left and right which he said he will give to the most Promising Indian Cricketer – Sachin Came and said – God I have 100 100′s I’m the highest scorer in both formats.. God Said – okay sit on my Right.. Dhoni Came and Said – God I’m one of the

CSK Team to Sir Jadeja

CSK Team finds it insulting to ask Sir Jadeja to chase down a score with less than 6 an over. They deliberately jack up the RRR to 10 an over before handing it over to Sir Jadeja

What is IPL?

A 3 year Kid: Dad what is IPL? Dad: Beta IPL is a tournament where 8 teams fight to save themselves from the fury of Sir Jadeja!