‘One who tries to be Rambo in real life ends up like Mogambo’: Shakeel Ahmad


Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad on Wednesday poked fun at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, saying that ‘one who tries to be Rambo in real life ends up like Mogambo.’

Without taking the name of Modi, Ahmad said: “Some leaders of BJP are trying to portray one of its leaders as Rambo, who can climb hills and save lives of 15000 people.”

“So I have just said the one who tries to be Rambo ends up being a Mogambo,” Ahmad added.

Earlier, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh also poked fun at Modi, saying he is rightly called a “feku”.

“There is a Times of India news item on the front page that within two days he has evacuated 15,000 pilgrims, while the fact is the Gujarat website says that the figure was about 600. Again there was a news item that he has offered 28 helicopters which again was denied by the official statement of the Gujarat Government. So, therefore he is rightly called a “feku”,” he told the media here.

Modi had last month visited the flood-ravaged state of Uttarakhand, where thousands have lost their lives following the natural calamity. A newspaper report then said that Modi rescued 15,000 Gujaratis in a “Rambo act”.

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