Nothing wrong in calling Radhe Maa a ‘Devi’: BJP MP Vijay Sampla

Nothing wrong in calling Radhe Maa a 'Devi': BJP MP Vijay Sampla

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Vijay Sampla on Thursday came out in support of controversial godwoman Raadhe Maa and said that there is nothing wrong in calling Radhe Maa a ‘Devi’.

Speaking to mediapersons, the MP from Hoshiarpur justified his affection towards Radhe Maa and said that everybody has the right to worship anyone. Sampla further said that he follows every religion.

Sampla, who had organised a ‘chowki’ (religious gathering) of Radhe Maa at his official residence in Delhi on July 17 this year, said he doesn’t believe in the accusations against the godwoman. The BJP MP added that an FIR against any person doesn’t make him/her criminal.

Office-bearer of a Mumbai-based organisation, ‘Kutch Ladayak Manch’, Monday told news channels that Radhe Maa was responsible for suicide of seven persons on March 7, 2014, at Ningal in Anjar tehsil of Kutch district in Gujarat.

Radhe Maa has remained unfazed by the allegations and claimed that she was a “pure and pious” woman.

“I am pure and pious. I respect media, police and law. I am sure that God will do justice,” she told the media.


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