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Natural Wonders – Pear

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Health benefits of pear

Hypoallergenic fruit: Pears are full of vitamin B2, K, C and E. It is recommended by doctors as a hypoallergenic fruit, which means even people who are sensitive to certain foods can eat it without suffering from adverse effects. In fact, doctors say that pear is a safe fruit for even infants. This fruit, when eaten with the skin, is an amazing source of dietary fibre.

Prevent heart disease: They are packed with pectin, a water soluble fibre. Pears have more pectin than apples and help lower your cholesterol levels. Pears are also packed with anti-oxidants which help reduce the risk of blood pressure as well as stroke. So, a pear a day may keep the stroke away!

Strong immune system: This fruit is an excellent source of energy as it is packed with fructose and glucose. Pear also helps build your immune system. If you feel a cold coming, drink pear juice. This wonder fruit is known for its cooling effect and is very helpful in relieving fever. If you are running a temperature, drink a glass of pear juice, it will bring down the fever in no time!

Prevent cancer: Pears are excellent for colon health when it is eaten whole as the high fibre content present in the skin protects cell damages by free radicals, thus preventing colon cancer. Studies show that eating this delicious fruit once a day can prevent breast cancer by up to 34 per cent in women after menopause.

Digestion: If you are suffering from irregular bowel movements, pear juice is a must for you. Drink pear juice regularly as the pectin in the pear has a mild laxative effect.

Healthy pregnancy: Doctors recommend pregnant women to consume enough folic acid in order to prevent birth defects. Pear has a high content of folate or folic acidand if you are pregnant, make sure you make this amazing fruit a part of your daily prenatal diet.

Prevent osteoporosis: Worldwide, more and more people are concerned about preventing and treating osteoporosis. Doctors suggest that calcium intake from dietary sources is a must for healthy bones in addition to a balanced pH level. While you may be aware that fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of calcium, pear in particular is packed with boron, which aids in helping your body retain calcium. So, a pear a day also means healthy bones for life!

Clear phlegm: Pear juice is a tasty, healthy and fun way to get rid of the phlegm which is a common problem among children. It also helps in reducing the shortness of breath that children experience due to excessive phlegm.Healthy carbs: If you are trying to lose/maintain weight, pear is the fruit for you. Though pear is quiet sweet to taste, the carbohydrates in this fruit are low onglycemic index which means they convert to sugar and enter the blood stream really slowly.

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