Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

Narendra Modi’s top Mistakes as Prime Minister

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Narendra modi is a dynamic leader and had done excellent work on various fronts, he also started various initiatives, however in few fronts, his decisions are still questionable. Below are the few top mistakes done by PM Narendra Modi –

  1. Failure of Namami Gange Project
    ‘Namami Gange Programme’, is an Integrated Conservation Mission, approved as ‘Flagship Programme’ by the Union Government in June 2014 with budget outlay of Rs.20,000 Crore to accomplish the twin objectives of effective abatement of pollution, conservation and rejuvenation of National River Ganga.
    In 2014, PM modi took a pledge that he would serve ‘Maa Ganga’ and end her misery. But, this flagship project of BJP government have lost its track. Many environmental activist have sacrificed their life by hunger strike to clean Ganga. Current example was Prof. GD Agrawal (Swami Sanand). But, government has not awakened till now from his sleep mode.
  2. . Fake Promises; Less Work
    The Modi government believes to spend more on advertisement than work which can be proved by the figure of bucks the parry spends. He has done lots of promises and haven’t fulfilled 90% of them.
  3. Devil Demonetization – Economy Drags Down
    Modi had announced that the country’s black money will be terminated in a night by the implementation of the demonetization. But actually, nothing has been achieved beyond the business of the companies offering e-payment services. More than 100 people lost their lives for the sake of Modi’s decision.On page 195 of 2017 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) annual report lies the answer to the question many Indians have been asking.

    Has demonetization been a success or a failure? As per the RBI data, it’s safe to say that demonetization has been a failure of epic proportions.

    On 8 November 2016, the Modi government decided to demonetize 500 rupee and 1,000 rupee notes, which were worth 15.44tn rupees in total. The idea was to target both counterfeit currency and “black money”, or unaccounted wealth, the prime minister told the nation. This was backed up by the government press release accompanying the decision. Black money is essentially money that has been earned but on which taxes haven’t been paid.
    As per RBI, illegal notes worth 15.28tn rupees ($242bn) had been deposited in banks up to 30 June. This basically means that almost 99% of the “demonetized” money was deposited into banks. Hence, almost all the black money held in the form of cash also made it back into the banks and wasn’t really destroyed, as had been hoped.

  4. Bank fraud cases
    When Indian banks are already very stressed due to their high NPA’s, many big bank frauds shook the pillars of banking system. Government has not taken these bankrupts seriously and diluted the norms for Vijay mallya, moreover given NOC in passport of Neerav Modi and Mehul Choksi. These decisions helped them to escape form India.
  5. Rafael Deal (a deal which is triple the amount signed by the Congress-led government)
    Apart from that, why a pressure was made by Modi on France to make Anil Ambani the Offset Partner of the Dassault Aviation?” the chapter asks, adding, “On one hand, Hindustan Aeronautics has earned its name across the globe for making aircraft, on the other, Reliance has zero experience in the production of defense sector.
    The details of rafale deal is still under secret files in name of secrecy and national security. But, a smoke of political/financial scam is coming out of the deal after coming of Anil Ambani’s Reliance in the whole picture. Modi government ignored 78 years experience holder Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) over the new born Reliance Defense. The result of this political mistake is that orders dry up in HAL, and HAL staff have to sit idle.
  6. Women Security and Rape politics
    In one side the national slogan of modi government is “Beti bchao- Beti padhao”, on the other side BJP tried to save accused of Kathua Rape and Murder Case and Unnao Rape and Murder Case.

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