Narendra Modi attacks UPA:country not safe in the hands of Congress


Targeting the Congress-led UPA Government, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the country is not in the safe hands of the ruling party.

Addressing his first public rally here after being elevated as the BJP’s election campaign committee chief, Modi said: “This country is not safe in the hands of Congress. If country is not safe, if the people of this country are not safe then how will we develop this country?.

“We cannot put this country into crisis. For the future of this country and the bright future for the youth of this country we have to bring a Congress-free governance,” he added.

The rally was held to mark the 60th death anniversary of Jana Sangh founder Shyama Prasad Mookherjee in this town along the Punjab-Jammu and Kashmir border.

“People of this country have sacrificed a lot for the nation, but Congress does not accept the sacrifices they made. Dr Shyama Prasad died for the country, nobody recognised his sacrifice, people were not told the truth about his death,” he said.

“The concepts he (Dr. Prasad) had for cottage industries, PSU’s etc. are valid even today. The Congress government in Delhi must not even be aware of this great person,” he added

Modi further spoke about the devastation in the rain-ravaged Uttarakhand, saying, “I could feel the pain of those stranded there.

“The Uttarakhand tragedy is devastating, people there have lost everything, hundreds of lives have been lost. The country with stand with the people of Uttarakhand in this time of distress,” he added.

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