Nalin Kohli ‘s open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Nalin Kohli 's open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Mr Kejriwal,

The Assembly of the NCT of Delhi has been dissolved and elections have been announced. The citizens of Delhi will now have to once again witness your preference for a rather strange brand of politics, the edifice of which is built upon a perpetually shrill campaign driven by allegations and is often lacking in substance.

Of course, in all the flurry of tweets and media sound-bytes, Mr Kejriwal, you and your colleagues would like every citizen of Delhi to ignore the past when the Aam Admi Party offered a 49 day tumultuous, roller coaster model of non-governance that was marked by perpetual double speak and U-turns.

Perhaps you would also expect Delhi and its voters to forget and forgive the reason why this city is about to face two rounds of electioneering in just over a year. As a reminder, your party chose to run away from government and responsibility for reasons that even today are as unexplained and mysterious as can be.

But maybe Mr Kejriwal, governance is neither your focus nor agenda, because governance is about consistency, clarity and handwork. Your short stint as Chief Minister confirmed you neither have an ideology nor a plan for governance.

There is also a glaring gap between what you practice and what you preach. In public you decry the perks associated with office but then willingly seek their enjoyment and more. Did you not specifically pursue two houses when you became Chief Minister and held onto them beyond your period of entitlement?

You might recall, Mr Kejriwal that in Haryana the AAP ran a spirited slur campaign against Mr Hooda, for unduely favouring Mr Robert Vadra. And when finally, the time came to actually expose the Congress in Haryana you deliberately chose not to participate in the electoral process. Why did we see such sudden timidity towards Mr Vadra or Mr Hooda? Or did you try to simply return favours to the Congress Party by shying away from participating in these state elections? Unless of course, you realised that people in Haryana would no longer be fooled by your antics of double speak. Why do you then expect the voters of Delhi not to see through your track record?

You seem to have another interesting quality Mr Kejriwal, where you like to decide everything for everyone, even for your political opponents. It was rather amusing to note that you decided to announce who you preferred to see as the BJP’s potential Chief Ministerial candidate! Mercifully, the BJP in over six decades has never come close to being run in the manner as you choose to run your party. No wonder many of your former colleagues have preferred to walk away rather than work under your brand of unilateral decision making.

There is truth, however, in one of your claims –  that you, Mr Kejriwal, as you have proudly proclaimed, are an anarchist. You have a clear preference for anarchy over order. You revel in making accusations and in promoting rumour mongering. You also thrive in celebrating lawlessness. Mr Somnath Bharti’s vigilante midnight raid, or Mr Ashutosh trying to storm the BJP headquarters are cases in point.

Thankfully Mr Kejriwal, you no longer are an enigma to many. You may have ridden a wave of enormous hope and goodwill a year ago, but your antics have exposed your brand of duplicitous politicking based on a shoot and scoot stratagem. You forget the moral groundswell against corruption that swept you to power is unwilling to forgive your immoral tryst in office and maniacal quest for media limelight.

And for the record, Mr Kejriwal, unlike you, the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing what he promised to do, work as “mazdoor number 1” to put the country back on track. Mr Narendra Modi will not let this opportunity to serve the people slip away. Unfortunately, Mr Kejriwal, you are yet to come to terms with the truth that you willingly let yours slip away. And the voters of Delhi can see this.

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