Modi’s teleconference a ‘drama’: JD (U)


Janata Dal United JD(U) reacted to Modi’s speech and termed it a “drama”, saying the use of “high tech” is an urban phenomenon and not very effective among masses.

Mr Modi, who was elevated to lead the BJP’s campaign in the next general election, is strategically beginning his campaign from Bihar where he has a running battle with erstwhile ally Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“This is just a drama. Use of high technology makes an effect in urban areas where there is high literacy … What difference will it make in rural areas where majority of population does not have access to TV or other IT means,” Bihar JD(U) President Bashist Narayan Singh said.

“If somebody or some party thinks that through use of high technology they can have everything, its their thinking but we don’t buy this,” he told reporters after the induction of
former BJP minister Ramji Das Rishideo into the JD(U) fold.

Mr Singh in this regard referred to Chandrababu Naidu of Telegu Desam Party losing the polls in Andhra Pradesh after putting in all resources in making the state an IT hub.

He also referred to BJP’s “feel good”, which he said, “boomeranged” on it in the 2004 general elections.

In a dig at Mr Modi’s tele-conferencing, Mr Singh said instead of creating artificial waves through use of technology, JD(U) believes in people-oriented programmes in which major sections of the society, both rural as well urban, could participate.

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