Manish Tiwari on Supreme Court collegium issue

Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari a leader of Indian National Congress while expressing his views on Supreme court collegium matter said, “At different points in time we have experimented with different systems of judicial appointments”.

He told that, “There was a time when there was certain kind of preponderance of the executives, and then it was replaced by a preponderance of judiciary. There were question marks raised over the efficacy of both these systems.”

“Now we are attempting to experiment with a third way. The fundamental principle that needs to be kept in mind is that the judicial independence is sacrosanct. And therefore there must be a prepoderence of the judiciary in the judicial appointments that’s an absolutism which is completely non-negotiable under any circumstances.” Tewari added.

He also said, “Governmentt needs to initiate a much larger and wider consultation than what it is appointing at this point in time to appoint judiciary. In order to explore weather there could be other ways whereby the whole process of judicial appointments could be made more robust, government can consider the process of written examinations followed by interviews.”

CPI (M)’s D. Raja and senior BPJ leader, Subramaniam Swamy have also spoken strongly on the same issue.

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