Manish Sisodia could replace Kejriwal

Manish Sisodia

Arvind Kejriwal’s trusted aide and second-in-command in the Delhi government Manish Sisodia has a shot at becoming Delhi’s chief minister if events unfold as the AAP ideally seeks.

The AAP has decided to pitch Kejriwal from the New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency in this summer’s General Election.

This means it needs another person to head the Delhi government and they seem to think that it would be Sisodia. This rests on the possibility of the AAP winning the New Delhi assembly seat vacated by Kejriwal, which would mean the AAP still has 28 MLAs.

Sisodia is a slightly inarticulate politician who is barely known outside AAP circles. He has worked in the past with Zee News and not much is known about his vision for Delhi. Kejriwal apparently trusts Sisodia more than any other member of his cabinet and this is swinging things Sisodia’s way.

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