Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Manish Paul likely to quit Sunil Grover’s Mad In India

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Manish Paul

Stars leaving a show midway is a norm in the industry, and the latest to join the bandwagon could be funny man Manish Paul.

If rumours are to be believed, the Micky Virus actor is on the verge of quitting Sunil Grover’s comedy show, Mad In India 100% Desi Show.

According to industry sources, March 31 is likely to be his last day on the show.

However, Manish’s decision does not come as a surprise given the poor ratings of the show.

Sunil recently walked out of Kapil Sharma’s immensely popular show and launched his own Mad In India 100% Desi Show with much fanfare.

But the show couldn’t keep up with the expectations of the audiences when it came to TRPs despite Sunil introducing a character Chutki, on the lines of the much-loved Gutthi from Comedy Nights With Kapil.

A leading daily quoted a sources as saying, ““Manish wasn’t happy with the way the scripts were working out and that’s why he has planned to move out. The makers and him have been having a lot of issues. The channel intervened and it has now been decided that March 31 will be his last day on the show. The makers want more of Sunil’s comic character (Chutki) to elevate ratings. On the other hand Manish has also signed a new film and is going to be busy with that.”

With Manish’s exit imminent, the makers of the show are faced with the nightmarish question of “What Next?”.

It is learnt that they are considering pulling the curtains down on the show.

“The makers are mulling over replacing Manish or completely revamping the show. There is a strong buzz that it might see an early end,” added the source.

At this point, we cannot help but recall Kapil Sharma’s prophetic statement slamming Sunil’s decision to leave Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Soon after Sunil parted ways with Comedy Nights With Kapil, the top-notch comedian had gone on record saying, “Sunil should have never left our show. I don’t find Sunil’s Chutki act to be comparable with his Gutthi on my show.”

Seems like Sunil should have taken Kapil’s advice after all.

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