Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Mandana Karimi lashes out at Colors for being unkind

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Mandana Karimi was one of the most talked about contestants of the Bigg Boss house and now that the show is over there is a lot of stuff that has come out that we should know.

Well, according to a report, Mandana has lashed out at Colors for being ‘unkind’.  We all were under the impression that her family didn’t come much in support as they were never seen in the season or no gift was seen being sent to Mandana from their side. Also, there were reports that her boyfriend is going to ditch her at the finale. But according to Mandana, the Colors channel intervened and deliberately kept Mandana’s family and boyfriend away from her the entire season.

Well, that’s really unfair!

The report says that after the finale, the actress was shocked to hear that there were speculations suggesting the channel is favoring her on the show.

This is what she said about this, “They haven’t been so kind to me. See inside the house what happens is, the clothes that your family sends, it comes whenever Bigg Boss decides. So sometimes you don’t have clothes. And I am one of the people inside the house who has lived 15 weeks with 4-5 pair of my outfits.

And the channel people weren’t that nice to me. My family sent a lot of gifts during Diwali, Christmas. I didn’t receive anything. It’s when I got evicted and came out of the show, I realised yeh sab saaman kidhar tha?” And they were like sorry, it was the part of the game. So me feeling lonely wasn’t like a strategy or anything. Bigg Boss people weren’t being sweet to me. And if everyone’s gone and said oh! Mandana is going to win the show because channel is supporting then I’m sorry, that’s not true.”

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