Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Love School S4: Manpreet Kaur and Sunny Cheema emerge as winners

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The fourth edition of Love School witnessed a memorable end and found its winners in Sunny Cheema and Manpreet Kaur. The couple won the trophy and defeated the two finalists – Ali-Asheema & Dev-Poojan in the grand finale. Sunny and Manpreet’s chemistry and their consistent performances, strong bond and love, won appreciations throughout the show.


Themed as Loved and Alone, Love School S4 showcased the confused millennial love and celebrated diversity and experimentation in relationships. The season saw people from all walks of life and of different sexual orientation coming together and exploring love. Love Professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar tested the couples on various parameters through fun tasks and activities.

Combined with multiple highpoints, MTV Love School S4 became a roller coaster ride with some of the contestants stealing the limelight. Rishabh was kicked out of the show by Karan Kundra for misbehaviour and Mukkta K, popular Rapper Emiway Bantaai’s ex-girlfriend constantly remained in the news amongst fellow contestants and viewers.

The finale task – The Final Hustle, consisted of best tasks performed throughout the season.

Few ex-contestants witnessed the show once again and picked Sunny and Manpreet as their favorite and the most deserving couple amongst. Before the finale, Karan and Anusha asked the couples to make a promise to stay, to love, to be each other’s support and had their ring ceremony done.

On winning the show Manpreet said, “The journey of Love School has been an incredible experience for both of us. We have learnt how important it is to evolve and love yourself, and it helped our relationship evolve. Sunny and I are strong as an individual but being with each other has made us better and stronger.

In the finale, both the couples competing against us were fierce contenders and they had proved themselves in most of the tasks, but our belief, trust and faith helped us overcome all the challenges and won.”

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