Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Leonardo DiCaprio felt ‘Revenant’ set was colder than ‘Titanic’ scene

Leonardo DiCaprio says shooting ‘The Revenant’ was colder than being submerged in icy waters in the final scenes of ‘Titanic’.

DiCaprio won the best actor Bafta award while the film bagged four other trophies at the ceremony last night.

The actor and the crew of the Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s film had a tough time capturing the survival drama in harsh weather conditions as the director insisted on shooting only in natural light.

DiCaprio, 41, however, does not regret the discomforts of playing Hugh Glass, a role that saw him sleeping in a horse carcass and eating raw bison liver, as he feels they have a great movie to show at the end of it, reported People magazine.

“This is pretty cold, this whole experience,” DiCaprio said when asked about “Titanic” and “Revenant” shooting experiences at the Bafta red carpet.

“We should be more used to this cold, but I’m not. It’s been awhile,” the actor joked at the red carpet.

Inarritu, who took home the award for best director, conceded that DiCaprio had to put up with more of the chilly weather during filming but the actor said the whole crew had a tough time.

“I suppose I was submerged in the ice a lot more, but look it was a team effort, we all knew what we were getting into,” he said.

“We knew we weren’t going on a tropical vacation in Hawaii and the Maldives, we were going to be submerged in the wilderness like this. But at the end of the day we have a great piece of art to show for it, so we’re all excited to be here.”

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