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Katrina Kaif would like to feature in an item song with Deepika Padukone

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Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif recently graced Anaita Adjania’s chat show Feet Up with the Stars Season 2. In the almost 22 minute-episode, Katrina poured her heart out. Here are the highlights:

Katrina’s moment with south Indian superstar Vijay

Katrina shot with Anaita Adjania for a south Indian advertisement at the beginning of her career. The actor shared screen space with Vijay in an ad, which featured her as a ballerina. While recalling the ad, Katrina spoke about how humble Vijay was.

“I was sitting on the floor with the phone and I see in front of me these two feet. Shoes. I did not bother to look up. I was still on my phone. After some time, I still see these feet. Again after some time, I see these feet. Finally, I looked up and realized it is the guy who was the south Superstar.” Anaita interrupted, “His name is Vijay.”

“He was so polite and humble. He was waiting to not disturb me just to say goodbye,” Katrina Kaif concluded.

“He didn’t want me to touch him. He was so shy and sweet,” Anaita Adjania recalled.
Karan Johar is Katrina Kaif’s fairy godfather

Anaita told viewers how Katrina is just like Santa who loves to shop for others. Katrina explained herself by saying, “I don’t need a lot of things for myself.”

She continued, “I don’t own a handbag. Cannot stand them. I like rucksack while travelling. I have one person, who is my fairy godfather or godmother, that is Karan Johar. He is responsible for my sweaters and rucksacks. He supplies me oversize sweaters. That for me is fashion.”

Who would she pair up with for an item song/promotional song?

Katrina was quick to take Deepika Padukone’s name. The actor said, “She has an interesting style of dancing. Very graceful.”

The Bollywood personality Katrina trusts completely

Katrina revealed she shares a good bond with director Zoya Akhtar. “I really love Zoya Akhtar. She is a person who I may not speak to every day but I consider her a friend and someone who is on my side. I trust her,” the actor said.

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