Kapil Sharma retweets Narendra Modi’s comment, gets drawn into Twitter war

A huge ruckus erupted over the social media over a tweet by Gujarat CM Narendra Modi that famous comedian, Kapil Sharma, shared on Twitter. It ultimately snowballed into a major controversy as Kapil was bombarded with allegations and abuses from his fans online, leaving him no choice but to delete the tweet.

The Tweet originally read:

The way Rahul Baba is making statements with a dash of comedy in them, I think the TV show of Kapil Sharma may soon have to shut shop.

Modi, was mocking politician Rahul Gandhi`s speeches. Apparently, Kapil was thrilled that senior leaders are aware of his show `Comedy Nights With Kapil`, which is a hit on the telly. And without thinking further, he re-tweeted Modi`s post. But his joy was short-lived, as it only got him brickbats.

The TV host was shocked and upset at the hate generated by his act and admitted that he had no political motive of sharing the post. It was all for the sake of his show, and nothing personal.

It seems that the 33 year-old comedian had no idea that his tweet would draw him into a controversy and create such an uproar.

Later on, Kapil appealed to his fans to cut out the expletives, and to stop using religion as a weapon in every case.

The post on his Facebook page read as , `Hello friends.. It hurts when i see u people fighting on a social networking site.. Bad words.. Abusing.. Its really sad.. Its my request to all of u ..Pls dont write such bad words to each other on d name of religion.. No religion teaches us to abuse or to disrespect other religion… Please come out of all dis things.. V all are human beings..I just shared mr modi`s tweet abt d show becoz u all love dis show.. I felt bad n delete that pic n tweet.. Learn to love each other.. Learn to respect each other.. Lets change this world.. So that “humare baad jo generation aye.. Unhe nafrat ka pata hi na ho. God bless this beautiful world.. Keep smiling…Love you all.. (sic).`

Well Kapil, it is obviously clear now that Modi ji has more fans and support than you do. So, next time, better be safe than sorry!

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