Jiah Khan ‘s death to be re-investigated

Jiah Khan

The Mumbai police are planning to re-investigate the mysterious death of actress Jiah Khan. Her mother Rabia Khan, from day one, claimed that  Jiah did not commit suicide and was killed.

Also, according to the forensic report, fragment of human flesh was found under Jiah’s fingernails and blood stains were found on her under garments. The forensic report was submitted in August after which the police have only taken Rabia statement but have not conducted any further investigation.

Vishwas Nangre Patil, the additional commissioner of police said, “We are re-looking in to Jiah’s case and will verify all the circumstantial evidence including photographs and the CCTV footage.
We will verify all the points that her mother raised in her statement and will then decide on actions to be taken.”

Advocate Dinesh Tiwari said that Jiah’s mother wants the police to exhume her body and re-send it for medical and forensic examination. The police, in response to Rabia Khan’s request, said, “We will take opinions of medical experts and forensic experts and together decide if they should exhume her body or not.”

Rabia, after she was unsatisfied with the investigations conducted by the Mumbai police, had sought the opinion of Dr RK Sharma, former head of the department of forensic medicine and toxicology at the All India Institute of Medical Science(AIIMS).

Sharma’s independent forensic tests found several loopholes in the investigations done by the police as well the forensic laboratory and confirmed Rabia’s doubts. Sharma in his report has inferred that there is a strong possibility that Jiah did not commit suicide. He was appalled at the shoddy investigations conducted by the police that in his opinion did not even try and find out more about the human tissue and blood that was found inside Jiah’s finger nails.

At 10 pm on June 3, Jiah’s mother and sister found her hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom.
The Juhu police was informed about the incident and after conducting the investigations the police inferred  that she committed suicide.

Four days later, when Jiah’s family was going through her belongings, they found a six page-long suicide note in which Jiah wrote that she was ending her life because she was tortured and harassed by her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi.  Juhu police then arrested Suraj, son of Aditya Pancholi.

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